4 The Brink Rises Up

In this time of no place to go
And even though I promised
Myself I wouldn’t
Yesterday I stepped right on up
To the brink
Tumbled over and over
By a sneaker wave of terror
That threatened to pull me under
Into some of the desperate darkness
I knew only too well
In the long ago
For a brief time
I couldn’t see the faint line
Between paranoia and reality
Did I scrub enough after S.
Dropped off the groceries
Is my death coming
On a package from amazon
Will a friend’s child
Ill with the right symptoms
Bring unbearable loss
I didn’t stand on the brink long
Took my own hand
And stepped back from the edge
Got a shower
Loved on my cats
Ate a last sweet pear of the season
But for a moment there
Or five
My sanity felt fragile
Until I could arouse
My attention to the possible
Jill Kelly
March 20, 2020
Posted by At 4:42 pm