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Candy Girl

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210 Ideas for Creating A Sweeter, Thinner Life Between Meals

Are you like I was?

  • You often eat more than you intend to.
  • Once you start eating sweets, you can’t stop.
  • Food is the most frequent and constant pleasure in your life.
  • If you don’t have the foods you love, you feel panicky.

Sugar and food addiction had me in its grip for decades. Then I discovered that food wasn’t the problem. How I was living my life was the problem. So I learned to build a sweeter life between meals, lost a lot of weight, and put food in its proper place. Part memoir, part how-to book, Candy Girl describes how I got off the merry-go-round of food compulsion and obsession and how you can too.

To read an excerpt and find out more about the Life between Meals program described in Candy Girl, click here.

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Sober Truths

Sober Truths

My memoir tells the stories of how I learned to be dishonest as a kid, lost myself through alcoholism, and recovered that self in honesty and sobriety. Sober Truths was a finalist for a prestigious Oregon Book Award for literary excellence.

The Oregon Book Award judge, Barbara Sjoholm, called it a “vivid and honest account of what it means to give up drinking and find the way to a new life and will be valuable reading for anyone looking to deal with on-going recovery issues that present themselves in terms of anxiety, loneliness, and self-doubt. Her colorful self-portrait is on the cover of this book, testament to a resurgent creative spirit.”

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Sober Play


Sober Play is for everyone looking to find more joy and meaning in life. You don’t need talent or special skills to be creative. You just need the same things you need for recovery from illness or addiction or grief: willingness, courage, and perseverance. When I first got sober, I had a lot of time on my hands and anxiety in my body. Although I had never been an artist, doing creative play changed my life and made it richer and happier. I hope you can find the same joy and meaning in your own sober play.

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Using Creativity and the Chakras for Getting Things Done

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This innovative guide is designed to help you get your own projects completed. My clients have used this system for decluttering a large home, designing business marketing materials, completing three years of back taxes, planning for retirement, and getting art and writing out into the world.

  • Great for artists and non-artists alike.
  • Includes explanations, step-by- step instructions, worksheets, and resources.
  • Can be used individually or with a small group (leader materials included).