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6 Guys, 1 Girl, 1 Night

6 guys, 1 girl, 1 night by Jill Kelly

Six fraternity brothers meet a girl at a tavern, take her to an apartment with her consent, and each have sex with her. Three decades later, the child born of that night comes looking for his dad and justice for his mother, whom he has never met. This isn't a date rape or #metoo story; in fact, it isn't a story about the woman at all. Rather, it is the story of these six men, now middle-aged, who have to come to grips with their relationship with responsibility. Based in part on the experience of a friend, this novel explores the unforeseen consequences of frivolous decisions we make in our youth.

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When Your Mother Doesn’t

when your mother final

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Nearly three decades of secrets lie between Lola Ashby and the two girls she didn’t want to raise. Older daughter Frankie reluctantly agrees to drive from Portland to Idaho to visit her ailing mother, who abandoned the girls when they were in high school. Frankie badgers her sister Callie into meeting up for a family reunion to dilute the impact of their mother’s indifference. However, on Frankie’s first night on the road, a well-dressed elderly woman at a rest stop dumps a young boy in her lap with a request to take him to Montana. And Callie’s exit from Pittsburgh is fraught with its own shady and violent difficulties. Meanwhile Lola strengthens her resolve to keep the past and the secrets where they belong.

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Fog of Dead Souls


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When Ellie McKay walks into the Maverick Bar, she plans to get drunk, not engaged. But in 30 minutes, she’s met cowboy Al Robison, he’s proposed to her, and she’s accepted. Al only knows that Ellie is attractive, vulnerable, and single; he doesn’t know that she has been on the run for weeks from a psychopath who killed her boyfriend and raped and tortured her. When Ellie says yes, she knows that Al is a local rancher. She doesn’t know about Al’s own dark past, and she doesn’t tell him that her heart belongs to the detective who originally investigated the case.

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Broken Boys


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Maggie Morehouse has a husband who ignores her and a grown son who doesn’t need her. When a mysterious stranger at a small-town parade offers her a life outside the box, she disappears with him, leaving her family to pick up the pieces. Caught between anger and fear, her husband involves the police. The search for Maggie and her companion leads two Pennsylvania detectives into the VFW halls and bingo parlors of rural Virginia where broken boys are at very dangerous play.

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The Color of Longing


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What’s a guy to do when the woman he’s loved for 15 years asks for help leaving her alcoholic husband? And what if that husband is his best friend? In this unconventional romance, artist Jake Logan makes a painful and inevitable choice that sets him adrift. Crisscrossing the country with his cat Sadie, he seeks answers to his quest from several helpful strangers, but it isn’t until he has a deep spiritual encounter with himself that he begins to find his true way home.

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